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If you are leading a purpose-driven business and care about the well-being of your members, how you solve problems, who you include in this process, what is important both now and, in the future, and communicating effectively are all priorities for you. Founders and leaders of growing companies know that their jobs include these aspects of the business, all the time.  

Going fast and slow, thinking locally and globally and knowing who, what, when, where and how, while keeping yourself together, is a daunting task.

As a young business owner, I often felt overwhelmed by the details and unknowns of business. I looked to more seasoned people to help me navigate and relied on their experiences as a way to avoid common pitfalls and to broaden my options for solutions. Sometimes I just needed to unload to an empathetic listener. I knew this support was invaluable and am very thankful for all the friends, family and experts who were are part of my life then and now.

I also realized that this experienced leadership resource could be a planned part of running a business. Having experience, skills and knowledge would be there as a reliable asset for a young purpose driven company, and could serve through all life cycle stages.

Early stages of a business have immediate needs for survival, so effective problem solving needs to be spot on and provided quickly. As a business matures and grows change intensifies, the types of problems become more complex and the solutions needed will require additional know how. Know how that only comes from experience. Tapping into a resource that comes from both successes and failures, over the long run, is part of the “secret sauce” for young leaders to ensure purposeful prosperity.

Two prime qualifiers for the right kind of leadership resource are that your values are complimentary and there is commitment to your success.  

This is how a Leadership Council/Sounding Board could be designed:

What you get:

  • Experts with a track record of successful Financial and Operations experience
  • Accurate and timely response to ensure effective daily decision-making
  • Learning a proprietary process that supports the purpose-driven success
  • Developing the right people and structure for organic growth
  • A road map to ensure you are operating for Purpose and Profit

The primary responsibility of this council does not replicate a traditional board of directors that is primarily concerned with adhering to established rules and managing funds. The Leadership Council is a working team for the business with an objective eye on achieving results, maintaining an environment of mutual trust and respect, providing expert counsel for the members, addressing emotional challenges of a work environment and helping to maintain your guardrails to accomplish short and long term tasks. The Leadership Council and the individual companies have to share the same set of values so that there is a complimentary foundation. The business leader is still the ultimate authority and the board is her/his support.

I am so excited by this potential for problem solving that is based on a history of successes and failures of seasoned leaders, and can compliment the energy and innovation of young leaders driven to fulfill their vision. This could be one way to have all the answers.