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Business challenges are changing quickly with the rapid progression of technology and its influence on how we function. We need to learn new ways to meet the demands of these challenges while maintaining a clear focus on profitability, the bloodline of every organization.

We at FarVision believe the key to success in these changing times is to transform organizational management from a “hierarchal” to a “flat” form of operation. This spreads responsibilities all across a company’s most valuable assets…its people.

By subscribing to a flat management model, a company can empower their people by engaging with them at every level, through the use of teams for problem-solving. This creates a culture of personal responsibility which is acknowledged and celebrated continuously as success is realized, in the form of increased profits.

Flat organizations are based on a concept of sharing authority to reach an optimum level of success. Shared authority creates effective teams who are flexible and nimble. They can adjust to changing circumstances and the accompanying problems in a timely fashion, with high levels of success. Empowered teams with shared authority can accomplish greater things in less time than a single, individual leader.

A transition to this form of flat management requires a strong leader. Someone who understands the value of “we” versus “me” and is willing to continue supporting the organization by functioning in the role of the ultimate authority, and accepting the accompanying responsibilities, in critical areas such as financial and legal, while sacrificing some control over the management by sharing authority. Although it may seem risky to some, today’s progressive leaders have come to realize that an organization must attract and retain quality people in order to achieve sustainable growth in this very competitive business climate. Experience has shown the best way to accomplish this is to empower a company’s people by implementing a model with shared responsibilities and authority that is transparent, accountable, and predictable.

FarVision has worked with a number of companies whose leaders have recognized these facts. Many of them felt “stuck” in the company’s development, even though they have experienced strong growth and some level of success. They felt overwhelmed at times and were concerned about the future of the business under its current operational model. They knew something needed to be done to make the company better, they just didn’t know what it was.

This is where FarVision came in. By delivering our proprietary 3 stage process, we were able to assist these organizations in orchestrating a new way of thinking and collaborating. The leaders began by deciding a major shift was needed, and they were committed to a new and innovative way of managing their business.

For the process to be effective, a company’s leaders are required to fully invest in this change in a transparent way. Leaders in flat organizations must be willing to “open the books” to their associates. This permits the development of a financial plan that holds everyone in the organization accountable for their performance and allows them to experience the impact of their efforts on the bottom line. Everyone is then personally invested in the overall success of the business. In addition, it proves a leader’s commitment to transparency in all things, big and small.

Also, leaders must be willing to assign authority to individuals in the organization so that they can function, within clearly defined guidelines, at a level of responsibility that supports peak performance. As individuals become empowered in this way, they feel more appreciated and become more committed to the organization. Now you have a culture that attracts and retains quality talent by recognizing them as valuable assets through sharing authority.

Sharing authority is the ultimate signal of a healthy and holistic operating culture. It tells others that “We value our people and trust them to have an active role in building our company’s success. This company IS our people.” Very powerful words to the rest of the world.

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