We believe that a healthy community has as its core confident, creative and well-prepared women and girls.


Evolve Rutland is an organization started by FarVision founders Chris Fucci and Kiki McShane to focus on prioritizing, developing and celebrating women leaders in our community.

The team at FarVision started Evolve Rutland work to provide and prioritize options and opportunities for women and men to advance professionally, successfully raise families, recreate profit and thrive. They believe that when women take leadership roles in communities, start and sustains businesses and sit on professional boards of directors, the economy improves and communities change for the better. They advocate for the fair treatment of women in all business scenarios including equal compensation, family leave and equal opportunity for advancement.

Evolve Rutland is continuously working to expand their footprint in the Rutland Region in order to Advocate for, Connect, and Train women leaders otherwise referred to as ACT.

The funding for Evolve Rutland’s services has been through private investment of supporters in the community.

FarVision Who We Are


FarVision Consulting and Evolve Rutland are excited to invite you to our annual Women’s History Month event where we will gather together to celebrate women leadership in the Rutland area and honor several inductees into our Wall of Fame. We will also present the Madeleine Kunin Trailblazer Award to one local woman who has consistently contributed strong leadership and vision to our community. Who will be the honorees this year? Join us to find out!

This event has ended. Thank you all for coming to another amazing evening! Stay tuned for our 2019 event.


Over the past 8 years, Evolve Rutland has developed a significant track record of bringing together women and men by providing regular networking events that highlight women speakers who have positions of leadership and influence, and professional workshops and conferences.